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We’re A Chicago Digital Marketing & Brand Strategy Agency

We look at things from a different perspective. We welcome you to join us.

Our approach is collaborative. Our delivery is strategic. Our results are powerful.

We are innovative… We are passionate… We are purposeful. We are Suvonni.

Welcome to Suvonni

An Innovative Digital Marketing Agency

Suvonni is a strategic and innovative digital marketing agency in Chicago. We are focused on empowering clients to build impactful and sustainable relationships with their customers. As a digital marketing agency catering to businesses of all sizes, Suvonni develops strategies and execution plans that harness the power of innovation and creativity to allow our clients to maximize their potential. We develop relevant digital marketing and brand strategies for powerful customer engagement, with a focus on social media, content marketing, brand strategy, livestreaming and integrated marketing communications. We help our clients build stronger brands, generate awareness, amplify their messages, increase their marketing effectiveness and deepen their customer loyalty.

If you are looking for a unique and dynamic digital marketing agency, then look no further. We invite you to check out our services and reach out to discuss how we can collaborate on your next project.


We embrace being a unique digital marketing agency. We develop digital marketing and brand strategies and execution plans that harness the power of innovation and creativity to allow our clients to maximize their fullest potential.


Digital marketing is our heart drive. We don’t just do this for a living… we live to do it. Watching our clients achieve success is our ultimate reward. We aren’t simply your digital marketing agency, we become your collaborator, partner and biggest fan.


We help our clients build stronger brands, increase their marketing effectiveness, deepen their customer loyalty and realize growth opportunities by fostering a culture of focus. We help you build strategies and plans that are critical for you and your customers.


Suvonni Core Services

Suvonni Core Services

Digital Marketing, Social Media & Community Management

We tap into our deep marketing experience to create powerful digital marketing, social media and community engagement strategies using a combination of best-practices, new tools and innovative techniques.  Learn more…

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is at the heart of what we do. Whether it’s creating a new brand, repositioning a an old brand or breathing new life into an existing brand, our Smart Branding Process will set you up for success. Learn more…

Content Marketing & Strategy

Content is the core of any solid communications strategy. From email and social media to web copy and print, we develop a cohesive content strategy that works for your business. Learn more…

Website Design & Development

We create beautiful and functional websites that best meet your needs while providing your customers an optimized experience with rich content and visuals. Learn more…


Creativity drives us… and we seize opportunities to do things differently.

We have experience working with some great companies, from startups to large corporations.

Suvonni Clients
Suvonni Clients
Suvonni Clients
Suvonni Client - Undertone

What our clients are saying about us

  • “You do beautiful work! Thank you.”

    — Willow, Woodland & Weis

  • “Our brand, content and new website now reflect who we are and what we do.”

    – Kinzie Group

We believe that a strong brand strategy is the foundation for all marketing elements, but an engaging and immersive customer experience is what builds the empire.

Percent of CMO’s believe custom content is the future of marketing

Percent of marketers increased their digital marketing budget in 2014

Percent of all internet users are now active on social media

Percent of marketers use social media to distribute their content

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