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We created Suvonni out of a passion for marketing, a drive for innovation and a desire to be purposeful. Suvonni is a strategic and innovative boutique marketing agency focused on empowering our clients to build impactful and sustainable relationships with their customers. We accomplish this through implementation of cohesive digital marketing strategies and plans. We love to create unique and powerful solutions that “wow” our clients. Our clients’ business is our business, and thus their success is our success.  


Founded in 2011 by Darcy Schuller, a seasoned marketing executive with over 20 years of experience, Suvonni stands apart from the typical marketing agency. We strive to be remarkable in all we do, and we love helping our clients do the same. As we like to say, we have big agency brains, but without the big agency bureaucracy.  


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What's Up With The Name Suvonni?

Our Name


 Suvonni – Pronounced Soo-vahn-ee
Our name relates to the word “Innovus” – The word innovative stems from innovus, meaning “into the new.”
Suvonni is simply, and cleverly, the word “innovus” spelled backwards.
It also perfectly reflects our mantra: we like to look at things from a different perspective, we welcome you to join us.

What We Believe In...

Our Core Values 

Exceptional Quality

We are laser focused on providing the highest quality solutions for our clients. We value doing things right the first time and our work is a reflection of this belief. If we mess up, we own it and we make it right.

Infinitely Inquisitive

We are curious and ask a lot of questions. As a boutique marketing agency, we aren’t afraid to try new things and uncover new ways of thinking and doing. Innovation inspires us, drives us and keeps us on our toes.

Unwavering Inegrity

We value the trust we build with our clients and partners. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We are open in our communications and have built our business on honesty and authenticity.

Genuinly Collaborative

We treat our clients like partners. We welcome their input and feedback in creating solutions that are optimized to meet their goals and objectives. We regularly review our mutual goals to ensure cohesiveness.

Outstanding Efficiency

Our nimble structure allows us to focus on what is most important for our clients’ success. We don’t believe in recreating wheels, but rather improve upon them. We utilize best practices and make them better.

Customer Driven

We value our clients and our clients’ customers alike. We immerse ourselves into our clients’ businesses as intimately as possible. From our perspective, we are in it together. Our clients’ success is our success.

We've Got Some Serious Marketing Chops

Our Leadership

  • Darcy Schuller


Darcy Schuller is a dynamic digital marketing strategist, experienced brand strategy consultant, creative marketing thought-leader and engaging speaker and writer. With a passion for marketing, an eye for innovation and a strategic mindset, Darcy collaborates with clients to achieve their marketing and business objectives. She helps clients generate awareness and drive profitability by building impactful brand strategies and amplifying their messages and engagement across digital, social and content platforms. Darcy has a broad background in traditional and digital marketing, including: brand strategy, social media marketing, livestreaming media, content marketing, integrated marketing communications, new product innovation, project management, business development and account management.

We Are Thought Leaders

Our Blog

We stay on the leading edge of the latest happenings in marketing, social media and technology so that we can educate and help our clients make informed, strategic and smart decisions and plans.

We've Worked With Some Amazing Companies

 Our Experience

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