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Creating Content Your Audience Will Love: 14 Ideas for Creating Consumable Content

Creating Content That Your Audience Craves Is The Key To Successful Content Marketing!

Are you creating content that your audience will actually consume? There is a lot of content out there. Much of it created for the sake of simply creating content as many businesses have prioritized creating content over other forms of marketing in the hopes of generating awareness and leads by providing value to their target audiences.

When done right, it works really well and can have significant returns for your business. When done wrong (10 content marketing mistakes to avoid), it’s a waste of time and resources. The key to smart content marketing is creating content that your audience needs, wants or desires. It’s consumable content. If presented in the right form, with the right information and at the right time… it becomes a powerful marketing tool. Here are 14 ways to create content that your audience will love.

14 Ideas For Creating Content Your Audience Will Love

1. Long Form Blog Content

An intensive and informative blog article that goes deep on a particular subject can be very beneficial to elevating your credibility as a subject matter expert. Blog articles over 1,500 words attract a different audience – one which is considerably more interested in understanding the topic in a more meaningful way. It’s a very targeted audience who is highly likely to convert into a customer, given your content is of the highest quality and value.

2. How-To’s
Twitter Lead GenerationShow people how to do something, either spelling it out in an easy-to-understand blog post or demonstrating the steps in a video. Guided Twitter chats can also be a great platform for sharing this type of content. People love step-by-step instructions for how to do the things that challenge them. Make your how-to instructions simple, relevant and valuable to the audience you are trying to attract.



3. Lists
A substantive list can go a long way. Lists can be anything from what influencers to follow to reasons for not doing something… and everything in between. People love lists because they are easily digestible… even when they are long. Lists can focus on the positive (like this list of startup marketing tips) or negative (like this list of content marketing mistakes to avoid).


4: Statistics and Facts

Creating Content: Stats and FactsPeople are always looking for statistics and facts to help prove a point or add validity to a claim. Sharing statistics as part of your content strategy gives credibility to your content and increases the likelihood of it being shared by others. Ensure that the stats and facts you provide are valid, recent and relevant to your audience. The great thing about statistics and facts is that you can share them in many different content forms, from images and tweets to lists and blog posts. Tying your findings to your own work can help your audience make the connection as well.


5: FAQs
FAQs are a simple way to ensure that you answer questions that are top of mind to your audience. Showcasing FAQs can be done in so many different ways – from infographics to video Q&A sessions. Your goal with FAQ content is to keep your audience informed and satisfied. Think outside of the traditional FAQ section on a website. Make it interactive and informative.


6: Memes and Visual Quotes
Visual Quotes - Creating ContentMemes and visual quotes (like the example on the left) can be a fun way to share simple and concise content. They certainly aren’t for every business or brand, but for those that it makes sense, memes and visual quotes can provide a form of light-hearted content that has a high probability of being shared. Always be tasteful and respectful when creating them and ensure that it is appropriate for your intended audience. Repurposing long-form content down into smaller, more digestible chunks is not only smart, but allows you to share your content across many different channels (think Instagram, Snapchat, etc.). Taking a quote from your content and applying to a visual element for sharing across social platforms is simple to do and can pack quite a powerful punch. It will bring awareness to your brand while driving traffic to your website. Always be sure to include your branding on visual quotes and memes!


7: Infographics
Creating Content: InfographicsOne of the best ways to visually present your content is with an infographic. Here you can combine several content forms… visual content, facts and stats, FAQs… or whatever content fits with your audience. Infographics are a great way of creating consumable content with the right mix of visual and written elements. Ensure your infographics align with your branding and style.

8: White Papers

White papers provide highly valuable content to a very targeted audience. Similar to a long form blog post, a white paper goes deep on a certain topic… presenting information in a structured format for download and/or printing. Repurposing your best performing blog content into a more comprehensive white paper can provide the additional information your audience may be seeking. Gating white paper content as a lead magnet also works as a lead generation tool.

9: Photos and Videos
img_0010You know the saying…A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Expressing your content with images and video can be a powerful marketing tool. Whether you share long-form videos via YouTube or quick images via Instagram, having a strong visual component will bring your audience closer to you. When you express your business and your content visually through images and video, you are helping to build the Know-Like-Trust factor with your audience. When your audience can see your business through visuals, they become more emotionally attached and can relate to you on a more intimate level. The key to creating content with images and videos is to keep it authentic, relevant and timely.


10: Polls
Get your audience to interact with you and your content by creating quick and easy polls. The poll itself can be content-based, but also take the time to share out the results. Twitter and Facebook polls are easy to administer and help to get your audience engaged and talking about a certain topic.


11: Bite-Size Content
img_5418Keep it short and sweet and be sure to say a lot… with just a little. Sharing bite-size content via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram with images, links or enticing calls-to-action offers a prime opportunity to drive traffic to your website or blog. Twitter chats also provide an interactive way to share your content, whether you host a chat or simply participate in one. Twitter can be a great tool for gaining exposure, generating leads and engaging with your audience.


12: Snapchat / Instagram Stories
Be a storyteller! Instagram and Snapchat both have story features that allow you to tell a very visual and compelling story to your audience. While ad-hoc images and videos are fine, being able to tell a brief but powerful story through a series of images and videos will provide the highest return on your time with these platforms. Have fun with filters, overlays, stickers and text… but always remain true to your brand and your audience.


13: Live Video Broadcasts
5 Strategies for Building Brand LoyaltyLive video is a powerful tool in a content marketers’ arsenal. Live broadcasts allow you to interact with your audience on-the-spot while conveying relevant content in an immersive way. Whether you are sharing insights, demonstrating a live “how-to”, providing a sneak peek at behind the scenes, sharing facts and stats… whatever the content may be… live video broadcasts are unique opportunity to provide value to your audience in real time. Platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live, Huzza, CrowdCast and more make it easy to go-live.


14: Webinars
Walking your audience through a lesson or how-to do something is not only powerful for sharing your content, but also can be a great way to generate new leads. Webinars provide the perfect platform for teaching your audience something that is of high-interest to them. They can be recorded or live, depending on your preference… and often times can be repurposed as replays in the future.


Creating content that resonates with your target audience should be a priority. Keep it fresh and exciting for your audience, but always provide value. Content comes in many different forms and formats. Test different options to see what your audiences is drawn to.


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Darcy Schuller is the Chief Digital Marketing and Brand Strategist at Suvonni, an innovative boutique digital marketing agency in Chicago. As a leader in the digital marketing space, Darcy is passionate about helping clients build stronger brands through elevated customer engagement, social media marketing, content marketing and dynamic web experiences. Darcy is a respected marketing thought leader, speaker and consultant.