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If Content is King…then who’s the Queen?

Yes, we hear it everyday.  Content is King.  Without compelling, engaging, inspiring and actionable content… we are nothing.  I’m definitely in the camp that rich, meaningful and relevant content is absolutely one of the most important marketing and relationship building tools out there.  No doubt.  I’m even up for joining the masses and crowning content as the reigning King…for now. But if Content is King…then who’s the Queen in this Digital Space? 

You know, the one who is actually making all the decisions and the driving force behind the “Kingdom.”  I would venture to say that your Customers reign supremely in that role.  In this ever changing digital landscape where information and conversations are in real time and where customers have a louder voice than they have ever had before…that yes, your customers are in a power position like none other.  And, like any great marriage (or predetermined power partnership?), the two must be in harmony to make the union stronger.

In the digital world, customers are increasingly craving, and expecting, good content.  They want to be engaged, informed and entertained.  They want relationships with brands on a human level.  They don’t want to be directly sold to, constantly pitched with products, or to continuously hear self promotion of a brand or company.  Customers dictate where your content resides (hint: wherever they want it to be!), what your content is about (hint: how does it benefit them?), and when they can access it (hint: whenever they want!).

So how do we keep the Queen happy and the King relevant?  Hands down: know your customers!  Take the time to really listen to what they are saying and/or asking for.  Do this before jumping into the conversation.  Understand where your customers reside in the digital world and where they want to be engaged with you (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.).  Be there when your customers expect you to be there.  Be responsive.   And above all, pay attention to what content your customers react positively to (back to that “harmony” thing…).

Long live the Queen…

Darcy Schuller is the Chief Digital Marketing and Brand Strategist at Suvonni, an innovative boutique digital marketing agency in Chicago. As a leader in the digital marketing space, Darcy is passionate about helping clients build stronger brands through elevated customer engagement, social media marketing, content marketing and dynamic web experiences. Darcy is a respected marketing thought leader, speaker and consultant.