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Creating a High-Impact Content Marketing Presentation to Educate and Inform Key Stakeholders

Our client, a leading digital advertising agency focused on developing a suite of groundbreaking multi-screen creative formats for brands, came to Suvonni for help in creating a content-rich marketing report to be utilized by senior executives to inform strategic planning and new product development as well as serving as baseline content for educating their target audience. They were looking for a solution that clearly identified opportunities and strategic recommendations based on the overall analysis.

We developed a Trends & Analysis report that not only allowed senior management to make informed decisions in their strategic planning sessions, but that could also be repurposed for industry presentations, customer education and employee training, further positioning Undertone as a thought leader in their industry, as well as customer, employee, vendor and partner eduction.  We designed the report to be visually appealing, simple to comprehend, yet comprehensive enough to provide timely, relevant and actionable data.




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