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6 Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnet and Build Your Email List with Twitter

Showcase your lead magnet on Twitter for powerful results!

Twitter is a great platform to promote your lead magnet and grow your email list exponentially. Don’t fall into the trap of sending a few tweets and hoping for the best. Be proactive by showcasing your offer and driving your audience to take action by using Twitter strategically. We’ve rounded up 6 great ways to promote your lead magnet and build your list on Twitter (all without spending advertising dollars).
Providing something of value in exchange for an email address is your best chance at making progress in building your list. Simply asking people to join your list because you will provide them great content via your newsletter won’t yield the best results. People want instant gratification. Everyone gets way too much email with not enough value already. Prove to your potential audience that you are worth it by giving them something they will value… and more importantly that will not only encourage them to join your list for the offer, but to stay on your list once you begin emailing them frequently.

Providing something of value in exchange for someone giving you their email address is the essence of a lead magnet. It is meant to draw in a targeted audience for your business, so that you can capture such leads and communicate with them via email in the future. There are many shapes and sizes of lead magnets, from eBooks and guides to templates and worksheets. The critical aspect of any lead magnet, though, is to provide value.

The value you provide with your lead magnet sets the tone for how someone perceives you. If you give them junk… they aren’t going to think highly of you and will unsubscribe at their first chance. But, providing them with something that they want/need and that leaves them with a positive perception of you, helps to build the KNOW – LIKE – TRUST factor that smart businesses know is the key to building successful long-term relationships.

Here are 6 ways to use Twitter to promote your lead magnet and grow your list (without spending advertising dollars!):

1. Establish A Multiple Tweet Drumbeat

To ensure your lead magnet offer is getting in front of your audience on Twitter, set up a multiple tweet drumbeat. What this means, essentially, is to tweet your offer out consistently over an extended period of time. The half life of a tweet is, on average, only 17 minutes. Meaning, after 17 minutes, half of the people who will be exposed to your tweet have likely already seen it. That’s not a long time. If you have a short window, and a substantial following, then a very small percentage of that following will ever see each tweet that you post. Therefore, it’s good practice to setup a queue for your lead magnet tweets on a regular drumbeat. The key is to create at least a few iterations of your offer tweet so that you can test different times, text, images and hashtags to see what works best. It will also keep your twitter timeline fresh and exciting to your audience who may see more than one (or all) of your promo tweets.

2. Pin Your Best Lead Magnet Tweet

Once you have tweeted a few iterations of your lead magnet promo, use analytics to determine your best performing tweet. Pin that tweet to your profile (simply click on the 3 dots for more options under your tweet and select “pin to profile”) so that will “stick” to the top of your twitter feed. Anyone who visits your twitter profile will see that tweet first. By having your lead magnet tweet always on top, you are effectively increasing it’s shelf-life exponentially. Your pinned tweet will have high-visibility and the greatest chance for engagement.

3. Link To Your Lead Magnet In Your Bio

You get one link in your Twitter bio – use it wisely! This is a great opportunity to link directly to your lead magnet landing page. Additionally, when used in combination with a custom header photo (see number #4 below), this can be a great way to implement a powerful Call to Action (CTA) and get people to click on your lead magnet offer.

4. Visually Highlight Your Lead Magnet in the Header Image

Design a custom header image that highlights your offer. There are no limitations on text for the header image, so use a combination of visually compelling images and text to capture someone’s attention and drive them to take action (either directing them to a shortened link or including a CTA with a “link in bio” tag. Again, this is powerful for those who visit your profile to learn more about you. [Notice in the image below, I’ve included my lead magnet offer in my header image, bio link and pinned tweet]

Showcasing Lead Magnet on Twitter

5. Use Relevant Hashtags to Target Your Tweets

Make sure you are including relevant hashtags with your lead magnet tweets to reach a targeted audience. By using hashtags, you also open up the opportunity for those not following you to discover your tweet in a search. Choose keywords that relate to your business and your offer and be sure to test out different hashtags to determine which are most impactful. You can research and discover related keyword hashtags using services like Hashtagify and TagBoard.

6. Ask Your Audience To Share

Ask your audience to share your lead magnet in multiple ways. You can include the terms “please RT” or “Please Retweet” in the tweet itself and/or you can include a Twitter share button on your lead magnet landing and confirmation pages encouraging social sharing. The more retweets, the greater the opportunity for engagement, the greater your overall reach will be, and likely, the more leads you will generate.


Twitter is a great platform for business and sharing your offer, generating leads and growing your list. What methods have been successful for you on Twitter? Be sure to check out our article on using Twitter effectively for business – The Twitter Trifecta for more tips and insights. And… speaking of lead magnets, be sure to download our latest eBook “Mastering Content Marketing” for more great content marketing tips from us.  


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