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Visual Content Marketing: Creating Visual Content with Adobe Spark

Your Visual Content Just Got An Upgrade!

Visual content is an important part of any content marketing strategy… perhaps one of the most important factors, given the rise of visual social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and more. Creating visual content can sometimes be a cumbersome task for less design-oriented folks. Canva has been a great resource for bridging that gap between design and execution. And now, Adobe is getting into the game by offering a versatile (and FREE!) tool called Adobe Spark. Creating visual content with Adobe Spark is simple, quick and powerful! With Adobe Spark, you can create stunning visuals in no time, from your desktop or via your mobile device. Your designs, or “Sparks” are automatically synced between your computer and iOS device. There are 3 companion apps, Spark Post, Spark Page and Spark Video (available only on iOS at this time).

    • Spark Post allows you to create social graphics effortlessly. You simply choose a photo, add your text, and apply any desired design filters and you instantly have an engaging visual post to share with your community.

    • Spark Page allows you to turn words and images into visual stories, similar to a magazine layout, that look amazing on any device.

  • With Spark Video, you can create a powerful visual presentation in mere minutes by using your voice, photos, icons, text and soundtracks.

Adobe Spark lets you download your creations and share them in an instant. Check out this little video presentation creation I made in less than 10 minutes!

Pretty cool, right?  Learn more about how to create visual content with Adobe Spark and check it out yourself at  

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Darcy Schuller is the Chief Digital Marketing and Brand Strategist at Suvonni, an innovative boutique digital marketing agency in Chicago. As a leader in the digital marketing space, Darcy is passionate about helping clients build stronger brands through elevated customer engagement, social media marketing, content marketing and dynamic web experiences. Darcy is a respected marketing thought leader, speaker and consultant.